Sustainable wines for the conscious consumer – Sustainable business for the conscious producer

We believe sustainability is part of the DNA in a family company – a company which will pass from generation to generation. The Swedish consumer value high quality but also the care for the environment and human rights. To meet this we aim for a substantial part of our wines to be certified as sustainable, organic or fair trade and we compensate 100% of the carbon footprints – from the vineyard to the final consumer. We also offset our own carbon footprints created by travelling of course when we travel all around the world in order to find new exciting wines.

Quality with good aftertaste

Our focus is quality and sustainability at all price levels and parts of the value chain. We strongly believe all this together will create quality with good aftertaste – both in the mouth and mind!

Who is Johan Hagström?

Johan Hagström was a businessman within the wine industry and a close friend to Arvid Nordquist. He was also one of the founders of the trading company Arvid Nordquist HAB in 1907, the chairman of the board until 1939 and an important link between the two generations during 1922-1939.


The Company

Since 2016 Johan Hagström HAB is an active subsidiary in the Arvid Nordquist Group which has a turnover of 2.5 Billion SEK. By sharing resources synergies and cost efficiency are created.


Johan Hagström is run by Anette Wyrén with 25 years’ experience within the wine business. We know the Swedish market and our focus is quality and sustainability at all price levels and parts of the value chain. A committed team is also of great importance, internally and externally. We believe “business is people”.

Interested in partnership?

If the following parameters are of importance to you Johan Hagström might be the right business partner on the Swedish market:


• Products of high quality-price ratio

• A dedicated and experienced business partner

• A solid company with a long-term perspective

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Sustainability

Johan Hagström HAB

Box 1285, 171 25 Solna
+46 8 799 19 00

Commercial Director

Anette Wyrén
+46 708 761 921